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BMO Supports HopeLink’s Holiday Block Party

BMO Supports HopeLink's Holiday Block Party

On December 4, our Community Engagement Specialist, Dawnette Fike, went to BMO, to pick up a gift basket and gift cards they donated for our Holiday Block Party raffle.  A few months earlier she went in with a personal inquiry regarding her own account.  She met and sat with the VP Branch Manager, Isabel Sanchez, for about 1 ½ hrs. in her office. While Isabel made a phone call and was on a lengthy hold, a conversation developed, and the opportunity arose to share HopeLink’s mission.

Isabel immediately wanted to know how she could get involved to help HopeLink!


When the basket was picked up, Isabel relayed a conversation she recently had with an elderly bank customer. The customer told her that HopeLink helped her to get through a difficult time in her life.  Isabel said she would never have known who HopeLink was a few months ago, but now she was very excited when her customer brought up HopeLink.  Isabel felt the connection between herself, HopeLink, and our community.

It’s exciting how HopeLink not only helps people; we connect people!

Thank you BMO for caring and thank you Isabel Snachez and Mason Jahncke for displaying your Holiday spirit.

For more information on the Holiday Block Party please visit: HopeLink Holiday Block Party


For more information on how to get involved in HopeLink please visit: HopeLink Ways of Giving