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Prevent Homelessness. Preserve Families. Provide Hope.

A Sincere Thank You to our Volunteers

One of our goals within HopeLink is to foster meaningful engagement with our volunteers in an effort to further our cause and impact within the community. Integral to that is a gentle persuasive birth in all to create a tangible sense of purpose and a verifiable feeling that they make a difference. Preventing homelessness for children, families and seniors isn’t a hard pitch to arouse the hearts of our 223 registered volunteers and 7 HopeLink Ambassadors. 

This season, our community is in high demand for the kind of help our volunteers provide. For all of you who have given your time, energy and skills to make a definable difference in 2023, all of us at HopeLink of Southern Nevada thank you! On behalf of the many thousands of clients you’ve served, we all wish you a blessed holiday season. You, my friends, are gifts we cherish all year long.