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Prevent Homelessness. Preserve Families. Provide Hope.

Recurring Donors are our Beacons of Hope

Did you know that our recurring donors are HopeLink’s beacons of hope? Every single one of you reading this newsletter stand with our mission each day. While regular donations transfer invisibly out of your account, we need you to know that it’s not at all invisible to us. Your contributions are among our most critical transactions. They help us serve what we call “gap” circumstances for which no other grants or funding sources can service. This is why they are crucially important.

Because of the regular monthly support received, we can help kids, families and seniors in special crisis situations when no one else can. Your help is the defining difference between a power shutoff, an eviction, food on the table, or continuation on their pathway to becoming self-sufficient once again.

It’s much too easy to overlook a transaction that basically conducts itself each month yet is the sole beacon of hope for so many of our clients.

We want to say thank you to our recurring donors for all their support. If you would like to become a recurring donor, visit our website at and click the donate now button.