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Sol-Up to Provide Solar Equipment for HopeLink’s NSP Homes.

Sol-up, along with the help and support from Iron Ridge, SolarEdge, and Meyer Burger, and HopeLink have been collaborating on a very special project that will greatly impact four of our Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) homes rented to HopeLink clients. Residents in three of the homes are more than thrilled about Sol-up’s substantial donation of full solar photovoltaic systems, including installation. When the fourth house is rented out, the new tenants will also enjoy the same package donation as the others.

The first installation began on September 11 and is now complete. The occupant and his family expressed how having solar panels will open doors they never thought possible. In fact, all three families stated there were times when they had to make hard choices. Oftentimes they had to decide between paying their energy bill or putting food on the table. They chose feeding their children every time, which left them in a bind with past due bills. It made it hard for them to catch up financially. They never imagined financial relief was thinkable, until Sol-up generously approached HopeLink.

The families are hoping their children can now pursue their dreams and they can improve the quality of day to day living with the money saved on monthly energy bills. We couldn’t be more grateful to Sol-up nor happier for our families. The savings will now make it affordable for each family to purchase the rentals and make it their home.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we partner together!