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Almost 80 years old, he figured he was unemployable. 

Smart as a whip and still very able-bodied, he refused to lose hope that there was someone who could see in him what I have seen all along. We worked on his resume and references and against all hope, spent six months looking for some kind of supplemental income to the meager monthly social security check which left him with a pauper’s allowance for food and next to nothing for Christmas. He got the call the first of December and started full time on the 18th. Nearly a month into the new job he can walk to each day, Steve’s countenance is that of a changed man. His Christmas miracle arrived just in time for him to share his hope and generosity with countless others at the senior community where he lives. Senior citizens need to feel needed, want to feel wanted and hope to be helpful. His normal has been changed thanks to one very smart employer who saw age and experience make good business sense. 

When you give to HopeLink, you help people like Steve rediscover a life of self-sufficiency. Even at 80!

Jane's Rescue

Referred by a concerned friend from church, Jane’s history of abuse and abandonment eventually made her an easy mark for sex trafficking.

Never having met her mother charged with child endangerment even prior to her birth, she was raised by an aunt until 16 when she moved in to a strained household with her biological father, and out on her own a year later. Shortly thereafter in an abusive relationship with the father of her new daughter, he groomed her to be a sex slave with him as her pimp. No other way to support herself and her child, she reluctantly worked his streets, forcibly raped multiple times, and with no visible means of escape.

In 2011, with a gun to her head, she desperately needed help and a safe place to start over.

Placed in the HopeLink Supportive Housing program under concealed identity, Jane and her daughter were provided counseling and mentored to recognize safe, health environments and safe, healthy, normal people. HopeLink provided practical assistance along her route to stability and self-sufficiency, stable training and full-time employment and a normal life with dignity and self-respect.

Shaquila's time for a change

Two years a single mother, tired of relying on public assistance, Shaquila’s life changed almost overnight.

No friends or family support, she came to HopeLink for a bag of food and left with more than a temporary solution. Her case manager engaged her in the agency’s free programs to teach her healthy ways of shopping and cooking meals for her family, provided job referrals, resume assistance and transportation to interviews with our partnering employers and appropriate work attire for her new job. With the approaching holidays, HopeLink provided food and gifts for her young daughter.

Shaquila was promoted in February, is off public assistance and on with her new life with dignity.

She comes by now and then to thank us and to encourage others about having hope for an escape out of the grip of poverty.