Sleep for Hope - HopeWeek 2023

Sleep for Hope

Think back to a time when you returned home from a long trip, the moment you finally get to lie down in your own bed. There is no place like home, is there? But this comfort is a dream for over 6,500 seniors, adults, and children in Southern Nevada, this comfort is just a dream. They are homeless, deprived of the warmth and safety of their own bed.

Join us for HopeWeek as we invite you to step out of your comfort zone and participate in the Sleep for Hope Challenge. 

1. Choose a Night

Choose one night from Thursday, November 2nd to Wednesday, November 8th. Once you select a night, let us know which night you plan to complete the challenge here.

2. Plan your experience

Sleep somewhere other than your own bed. You could sleep on a friend’s couch, in your car, camp outside, or find another alternative. Just ensure it is safe and legal. 

3. Document your experience

Capture your thoughts, feelings, and challenges through photos, videos, or live streams. 

4. Share your journey on social media

Share your journey on social media. Tag @HopeLink of Southern Nevada and use the hashtags #SleepForHope and #HopeWeek. 

5. Engage your network

Share why you are participating in this challenge. Invite 3 or more of your friends, family, and followers to join you in sleeping out or donate $50 or more. 

6. Support the mission

Do not want to sleep outside? Or want to increase your impact? Donate $50 or more on our website at to complete the challenge. Your contribution this week will have double the impact with the support of our match donor partners. 

Remember, your safety is paramount. If at any point you feel unsafe, please discontinue the challenge, and find a safe place to sleep. For any questions, please contact Katheryn Philips by email at or pone at 702-566-0576 ext. 1010.

With your help, we can remind everyone that there truly is no place like home. Thank you for joining us in the Sleep for Hope Challenge. 

Thank you for participating in Sleep for Hope.