Why ‘change their normal?’

Life below the poverty line is a ‘normal’ existence for many families and seniors where low incomes, unemployment and unexpected life crises have dragged them to the brink of tragedy and homelessness.

Believing that this ‘normal’ need not be lasting nor permanent, HopeLink exists to ‘change the normal’ for thousands each year.

It’s not just the agency motto, but the very heart and purpose of our dedicated staff and volunteers who, from experience, know the ways out to a better life and stable living which inevitably transforms their concept of what’s ‘normal.’  Every person deserves a chance to move out of poverty into a life of self-sufficiency with dignity.

HopeLink provides chances and opportunities through providing practical assistance, effective case management and imparting hope to the hopeless at crucial points of life crisis.

Help us continue to change their normal.

Become a business partner, donor or volunteer who makes a genuine difference.

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