He just needed a little hope.

Chronically homeless for years, despite the stereotypes, William had remained an honest, upstanding citizen who’d just lost hope for a better life.  But he needed a shower, a place for his laundry and a cool bench to lay his head.  He walked into HopeLink’s housing partner, Siegel Suites, overhearing that their employees get a free apartment and utilities as part of their compensation. He cleaned up well and was hired as a porter gathering trash around the facilities. Through the efforts of friends and HopeLink, he was supplied a set of work tools which got him a promotion to onsite repairman inside his first week.

HopeLink case managers delivered new work clothes, shoes and food to meet his needs until his first paycheck arrived. Meanwhile, generous friends of HopeLink donated cash, a refurbished bicycle, additional groceries and much needed laundry soap complete with two rolls of quarters. The generosity spilled over on behalf of William and his growing hope for a future as several complete strangers delivered necessities to his tiny apartment. One HopeLink volunteer even took William to get the last of his belongings from a car which had been impounded weeks before.

As you can see, this story is less about what HopeLink did for William but how William took iniative to help himself. His predicament ignited fires among complete strangers just looking for a way to help a fellow man.

Preventing homelessness always provides hope, which is what William needed and what all his new friends wanted to give.

William Maccauley