Home on Wheels

Eight years living in a two-door, six-window home on wheels ended today for an undiagnosed mentally ill man tossed around the social services system since 2009.

He came to HopeLink seeking food and a place to live, a routine he practiced in every available government agency for much too long. After meeting last week, my training told me something wasn’t quite right, not just with the game of social service ping-pong but with his inability to advocate for himself. Pleading the case to a diagnostically savvy friend, we concluded he’s one of the many who has fallen through the cracks. Game planning his psychiatric visit, we could only hope he’d give it a go one last time.

I just received the email. An apartment was found for him, he’s finally on meds and I’m back to work this morning filling in gaps for his deposit assistance, food, utilities and employment to help start this longtime homeless fellow in a new life, out of his car, on medicine, and in what will be his new normal: stable and self-sufficient.

HopeLink helps change the normal for thousands like Jeff each year and we are able to only because of concerned community partners and the generosities of those who share our vision of hope for the Jeffs of this community.

Person in car